Everyday Comfort

Expert HVAC/Refrigeration Installation and Service


Everyday Comfort

Expert HVAC/Refrigeration Installation and Service
You would not trust your luxurious car to a local car repair shop, why think any different about your major home comfort appliance..
Certified dealers.
Real experts.
The Cool Guys.
Local Family Serving the Community.

Our experts answer service calls about A/C, furnaces, heat pumps, commercial HVAC, and more when you need us the most. We always prioritize your comfort and convenience when scheduling your call.

With our residential and commercial experience, The Cool Guys can help you design, install, and maintain the systems that will improve your air quality and overall level of comfort for your family, customers, or employees. You deserve to feel at ease in the space you created, and we would love to help you get that feeling by installing the best systems at the best price.


Each team member is certified, licensed, and bonded to work on your HVAC/R needs. All our team members are fully licensed and certified including in:

We ensure that our skills stay up to date with the forefront of new technologies and products through our formal schooling and continued education.

The Cool Guys can help you to create the perfect climate, environment, and air quality to enjoy in your home, restaurant, retail store, or commercial space. We offer unmatched comfort,
efficiency, and performance, no matter how big or small your request.

No Surprises

The Cool Guys promise complete transparency regarding all costs. Our estimates are clearly detailed as to the type of equipment, brand, specifications, features, supplies, and labour costs involved. The quoted price is the firm and final cost for the project specified. You will never be overcharged over this quoted amount once our project together is confirmed. This honesty and our commitment to professionalism, reliability, and the highest standard of quality control are what set us apart from the competition.

Whether you need an installation, a full replacement, or routine service, you will always know exactly what to expect with us at your side.

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