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Testimonials About The Cool Guys

“Excellent company! I would refer them to anyone. Ricardo was prompt, professional and very nice.”

Brendan M.

North Vancouver, BC

I have two offices. One side had a working HVAC unit. The other side did not. I had put off doing any work on the malfunctioning unit for more than 6 months as the “other side” was mostly empty. Our boardroom, some storage, and a second meeting room. A couple of space heaters and I figured we would be okay to go.

Lo and behold, 6 months later, circumstances changed and we had to get it fixed. I emailed The Cool Guys via their website on a Sunday night and received a response by early next morning (Monday) from Ricardo. They were able to send out a technician to evaluate the problem that same day!

Ricardo came by late in the morning and gave me the same assessment that a few other guys had also given me. The unit was beyond repair. Either by sabotage or incompetence, whoever worked on it last, left it in a state of disrepair and damage, and that it would be more reasonable to replace than repair. Ricardo gave me 3 options: 1). The best one; 2). the cheapest one; and 3). the middle ground approach, and explained the pros and cons of each. Well, it’s not building. I just lease the space, and so I went for the cheapest solution. But I am glad that he gave me the options because no one else did.

It would take several days for the parts to arrive, but Ricardo spent the better part of an entire day installing the full system for us. Now we have heat, and in the summer, will have A/C. Winner! Really appreciate their honesty, good communication, and timeliness. They will be doing all my HVAC maintenance going forward. Two thumbs up. The Cool Guys and Ricardo rock.

Brian J.

Vancouver, BC
“Ricardo and his competent, knowledgeable and professional team just installed an LG multi-flex ductless air conditioning/heating system in 2 upstairs bedrooms and the family room/kitchen. The indoor units and outdoor compressor are silent when running. The attention to our needs and respect for the inside and outside of our home was much appreciated during the 3-day installation. If you want to have the best deliver, then Ricardo, his team and The Cool Guys are the only ones to install your system.”

Loree G.

Vancouver, BC
“We asked Ricardo (of Riroxs) to come help us with one of our HVAC units at our office. It had been shutting down intermittently for the past couple of years, but always restarted after a short period of time. Ricardo diagnosed and temporarily fixed the problem while we awaited a quotation to replace this unit. We are grateful and will continue to work with him. Thanks Ricardo!”

Barb B.

North Vancouver, BC
“After a couple of really warm days, I realized that although the AC was running, that the house wasn’t cooling. In particular, my great dane was telling the whole family the house was really uncomfortably warm as she was showing signs of excess heat. I called Ricardo, and the very next day he was able to come with his crew and do a thorough inspection. Ricardo clearly is committed to professionalism and a high degree of customer service. He located a small leak in the system and also, a filter that was preventing air from circulating properly and causing the pipes in the AC unit to stagnate and ice up completely, stressing the system. Ricardo took care of everything promptly and informed us every step of the way and repaired the problem that day. Price was right. Service was excellent. This is an A+ operation.”

Mary B.

West Vancouver, BC